Invoke Media Moves Operation To Preston


Manchester based Invoke Media have announced our intention to move our operations full-time to Preston, Lancashire after 4 years in the second city.

Invoke have always had strong links with Lancashire’s administrative capital with director Jack Barron originally being from the city, and a large number of clients being based in the Central Lancashire area.

Recent times have seen a close working partnership with The Cotton Court Group, who operate a diverse portfolio of businesses in the Lancashire area, including Cotton Court Business Centre in Preston City Centre.

Jack Barron, Director at Invoke Media says….

“It’s been a tough decision to move Invoke away from Manchester in many ways, but an easy one to make in others. It’s the right decision to make for the business and our clients right now. I’ve been spending a lot of time in Preston due to my involvement with Cotton Court, and feel that closening the relationship between the two businesses is the next logical step. To do that, I think we have to be physically close, even in the digital age”.

He continues…

“I’m originally from Preston and historically it’s been portrayed as a bit of a grim northern town with not much going on. After spending considerable time back here recently I’d argue with anyone who perpetuates that false image. The city has grown so much in the last few years and is going through some major developments & investment. I’d like for Invoke to be a part of that development from the early days and really commit to strengthening its position as a part of the powerhouse that is the north of England”.

Indeed, after suffering setbacks in recent history the city has seen a flurry of investment from local entrepreneurs, the council and key stakeholders. The city is making a real push to make itself more attractive to local talent and take its place alongside other regional powerhouses like Liverpool and Manchester.

Invoke intend to retain a presence in Manchester, it’s a city we love and have a strong connection to. However the development and investment in Preston, and close connection with The Cotton Court Group provides an opportunity to be a part of something great. As one of many high class marketing and media agencies in Manchester, there is little impact we can have on the positive development of the city, being at the forefront of Preston’s own revival and the growth of Central Lancashire is an opportunity just too good to miss.

The full switch is expected to take place by the end of July 2018.

Jack Barron, Director

Jack is passionate about marketing and helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive. As Director of Invoke Media, he is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of every campaign, getting stuck into the execution of successful at every opportunity.

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