Repositioning Your Accountancy Service To Add More Value To Customers


Accountancy is a service that can be prone to being very narrowly defined in terms of the way it’s deployed to clients – you are their accountant, so you crunch their numbers and file their returns. Sound familiar? The truth is, however, that you have so much more value to offer your clients than simply handling their finances.

As we head towards a world of increased automation and technological reliance, it’s time to accentuate your humanity and bring even more to the table to offer your clients the best possible value.

The Changing Face of Accountancy

More and more businesses are coming to rely on their accountants as so much more than a service to keep the numbers adding up. Accountants are increasingly becoming seen in more of an advisory capacity, using the extent of their experience to help guide small and medium-sized businesses into making smarter and more profitable decisions. It’s a growing need that clients are displaying, and your firm needs to respond in kind.

The rise of technology means the bare bones business of accountancy is being handled faster and more efficiently than ever before. With computing power now more affordable than ever, and a host of accountancy software suites tailored to every speciality, your firm has more time to focus on the human element. You can’t hope to compete with a computer’s ability to process the numbers, but a computer doesn’t have your insight.

This is where you need to begin broadening the spectrum of your accountancy service.

Developing and Deploying New Skills


It’s important to start by totally re-thinking the role of an accountant. Traditionally it has been something of an “invisible” service, where if you’re doing it right your client won’t really know you’re there. The bare bones of the number-crunching can remain that way, but it’s time you started to put forward your opinions, your thoughts, your guidance, and the benefit of your experience. This is what makes your service unique.

Your accountancy firm is unique – you have a truly individual level of experience and insight, and it’s important that clients understand that from the moment they begin interacting with you. Your website should, of course, display your services, but it should also show proudly what you can offer that no other accountancy firm can. Make a point of highlighting your ability to interact and engage on a broader level than simple financial processing.

Running a small business is hard, and small to medium-sized business owners are grateful for insight and assistance wherever it may come from. That means you’re perfectly placed to add value to your service, and ultimately craft a better and more useful offering for your clients. Broaden your horizons, and start understanding your value.

Change Your Thinking Today

The technological revolution is already here, and it’s time to start altering the way you approach your service provision for your clients. Begin focusing on who you are and emphasise your human engagement because that is something that can never be replaced.

Jack Barron, Director

Jack is passionate about marketing and helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive. As Director of Invoke Media, he is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of every campaign, getting stuck into the execution of successful at every opportunity.

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