How to Write an Effective LinkedIn Profile Headline & Summary


Most business owners, CEOs and company directors know how important LinkedIn is for networking. This social media giant has over 500 million users and 92 million high level decision makers, and is very effective for finding new businesses to sell to or work with.

While the number of users is a real plus, it does mean you need to work hard at standing out from the crowd. One of the best ways to go about this is to optimise your profile, starting with crafting a catchy profile headline and summary.

LinkedIn Profile Headline Tips

The area just below your name and profile pic is where your headline text appears. But why is this headline such a key aspect to focus on?

In short, it is the first thing that people see when they land on your profile page. It is therefore very important for telling people about you, your business and making the right first impression.

Many LinkedIn users make the mistake of simply telling people who they are and what they do here. It is actually much better to let other businesses know what value you can offer to them. Always think of WIFM…What’s In It For Me? Because that’s what your customers are thinking of, even if subconsciously, when they land on your profile or visit your website.

The value offered is basically what most people want to know when connecting with others on LinkedIn. Whether you go for something like ‘helping B2B organisations get more leads through LinkedIn’ or ‘social media marketing for new FinTech startups’, try to sum up what value you offer in your profile headline. The more specific you are, the more relevant you become…however being too specific to a niche could see you lose relevance with other potential customers. It’s a balanced decision that only you can make an accurate judgement on.

Effective LinkedIn Summaries


Next to the headline, the summary is the most essential part of any LinkedIn profile. This is because it is what any potential connection sees after your headline. A good idea is to see this space as somewhere free to promote the value you provide to your customers.

If you take a quick look around LinkedIn at what other professionals do, you will soon see there are various ways to approach it. Many treat this (and their entire profile) as a CV…but we believe the best way is to treat it as a sales page.

By all means use the opportunity to position yourself as an authority, but avoid talking about yourself and your achievements too much, no one likes a bragger and people just aren’t that interested. Instead, explain the value you provide, the results you offer and who else you have achieved them for.

When writing your summary, try to make it approachable and low commitment. Lengthy blocks of text are hard on the eye and will instantly turn off your reader – who is likely skim reading.

Try breaking up your overall summary text into smaller, easy to digest pieces and make the most of bullet points where appropriate. This will make it look more appealing to read and more likely to keep their attention.

As we have already noted, standing out from the crowd is key on LinkedIn – adding unique content which people value is a good way to achieve this.

It is always worth writing your summary with the business or people you are trying to connect with in mind. This will ensure the finished copy will resonate with them and do what you need it too.

Once ready, get your summary checked over by a friend or colleague – before publishing. This will allow you to fix any errors and make any changes needed before it goes live.

Start Generating B2B Leads

There is of course more to social selling and B2B lead generation than just editing your profile, but it certainly provides one of the cornerstones of a successful campaign.

By presenting yourself as professional, authoritative and knowledgeable, you lay the foundations for trust – an essential requirement if you are to generate leads and close deals.

If you have any questions, feedback or just want to throw an idea around, get in touch! We’re always happy to help and keen to hear from you.

Jack Barron, Director

Jack is passionate about marketing and helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive. As Director of Invoke Media, he is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of every campaign, getting stuck into the execution of successful at every opportunity.

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