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LinkedIn continues to grow monthly with more and more users looking to network and advance their careers. To be able to use this business-related social network to its fullest and stand out amongst the others, there is one thing you should keep in mind: your LinkedIn SSI Score. Now, you may never have heard about it or if you have, you probably don’t know much about how to use it to your advantage. Fortunately, we’re going to tell you everything you need to know about LinkedIn SSI and how to use it to establish your professional brand!

What is LinkedIn SSI score?

SSI Score means Social Selling Index and it’s a tool developed by LinkedIn to measure the position of a specific user’s personal brand. Specifically, it helps you realise how your professional brand is working on LinkedIn, whether others are interested in it, and how it’s ranked.

The SSI Score is made of 4 elements that measure the effectiveness of someone’s professional brand on a scale of 0 to 100, with each category worth 25 points:

  • Complete Profile: The index measures if your LinkedIn profile is complete or not, a big factor for reaching more people.
  • Find the right people to network with: For a better score, you need to find people related to your area of expertise and industry in order to connect with them.
  • Engage with insights: It’s not enough to only add people and have a complete profile; you should also interact with content on your LinkedIn feed regularly.
  • Professional relationships: Build relationships with professionals by liking, commenting and sharing their content on LinkedIn

There are several meanings to each SSI Score. 

For example, if your score is less than 60, it probably means you completed your profile and know the basics, and you comment and post your own content, or you may not even use LinkedIn much at all. If you’re in the 60-69 range, you’re doing well and you know the basics, but there is always room for improvement. If you’re around 70-79, LinkedIn believes you’re above average and an example to other users. Above 80, you’re an absolute LinkedIn expert. And, after reading this blog post, you probably will be!

How Important is the SSI Score?

LinkedIn says that the SSI is a “measure of a salesperson’s social selling skills and execution” and improving your SSI score will also improve your chances at professional success. In fact, the higher a person or company’s Social Selling Index is, the more likely they are to meet quotas, get more opportunities and be more productive. According to LinkedIn statistics, highly active users gain 45% more sales opportunities and are 51% more likely to hit their quotas.

Another important statistic you should keep in mind is that 78% of social sellers out-perform their peers who aren’t on LinkedIn. Even if it’s not guaranteed that a high score will bring extreme success, we can’t throw aside the fact that targeted networking, building strong professional relationships, engaging more with other people’s content, and other LinkedIn best practices, are sure ways to get more opportunities. LinkedIn SSI is a powerful tool to figure out how to improve your account and reach more people to network with, get more opportunities and sales if you have a company, as well as increase your chances of advancing your career.

How to find your SSI Score

The SSI Score is an extremely important index to track if you’re a professional trying to grow your brand on LinkedIn and successfully make connections with others in the same industry. If you know just how important it is, you’re probably wondering how to check your SSI Score. 

We’ve got you covered!

There is a very simple way to discover your LinkedIn SSI Score: simply click on this link. It’ll direct you to your score, as well as show you how to improve every element that factors into the ranking.

This page even shows you your weekly SSI score analytics, and if it has improved or gone down in the meantime. If you’re working on SSI score improvements, you can track your growth and success on this page as well. LinkedIn also shows you your Score in comparison to other LinkedIn users and professionals in your industry, so you always know where you stand among your peers.

How to Increase your SSI Score

There are several ways to increase your LinkedIn SSI score:

First and foremost, enhance your personal brand

Having a complete profile with all the information you want others to see is incredibly important for SSI Score growth. You can request references from people you’ve worked with in the past (or people you’re currently working with), as well as add information related to your credentials and skills, with emphasis on the industry you’re most interested in!

Secondly, find the right people

This is our go-to advice for every LinkedIn user. Even though LinkedIn is targeted to professionals, it’s still very much a social network. This means that the algorithms love engagement – and so do the people you’re looking to connect with. When establishing your professional brand, it’s important to network with the right people in the industry you wish to be a part of or that you’re already part of in order to find more opportunities.

Engaging with insights is a big factor when it comes to increasing your LinkedIn SSI. All you need is to discover and share topics, posts and updates that will create and grow relationships in your network. It’s important to post relevant content with trusted sources that will engage others. Engaging with others’ content is also important, especially when leaving constructive and thoughtful comments. 

Don’t forget to be active in LinkedIn groups with like-minded people that you can network with. You can strengthen relationships, find new opportunities and engage with interesting topics. 

Building relationships is extremely important on LinkedIn. Once you’ve found your niche, you should stay active and consistent on LinkedIn, commenting on publications, sharing other people’s content, interacting and engaging in groups, and even share your own content and experiences so you can reach more people who might just have the perfect opportunities for your professional growth.

In Conclusion

LinkedIn is an extremely important social media platform that allows you to build and nurture your professional brand. The SSI Score aims to help with that, showing you all the ways to improve your professional social media game.

It allows you to build a strong profile that will set you apart from others, build lasting professional relationships and connections that could open new and exciting doors, as well as establish yourself as a thought leader within the community.

There is always a divide when it comes to certain topics and the LinkedIn SSI Score isn’t any different. There are some who believe it’s a great tool for improvement, while others believe it’s flawed. However, something that can’t be disputed is the fact that using certain techniques like the ones we mentioned above can really give you a strong LinkedIn presence.

As for the SSI Score, it’s a great tool to help you develop your profile if you’re just starting out. Even if you’re pretty confident in your skills, you can check it out every once in a while. It’ll show you where you can improve. 

All things considered, the SSI Score is the perfect instrument for your growth!

Jack Barron, Director

Jack is passionate about marketing and helping small to medium-sized businesses thrive. As Director of Invoke Media, he is responsible for overseeing the planning and implementation of every campaign, getting stuck into the execution of successful at every opportunity.

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