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Automated Growth Marketing

Manual processes & tedious tasks slow you down. Build automated processes and get more done, focus on the areas of your business that you need you the most, and create a more efficient, profitable business.

Marketing automation allows you to engage and nurture customers around the clock, with smart processes and complex workflows that see your marketing assets work together to move your customers through the marketing funnel.

Scale Your Business

Spend less time finding leads, and more time closing them.

We’ll build complex workflows that find, engage, and nurture your prospective customers and deliver them to you on a plate.

Marketing automation is the quickest way to scale your business and get ahead of the competition.


Never Miss Another Opportunity

Create cross-channel campaigns that engage, nurture, and close customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. 

Engage your customers at a time that’s convenient to them, exceed their expectations, and build experiences that wow your leads and turn them into customers. 

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Intelligent Marketing

Make all of your marketing assets talk to each other and work together to push customers through the marketing funnel, churning out sales-ready leads ready for closing. 

Pass information between apps and your CRM, and build a 360° view of your leads and contacts.



The complex workflows and countless moving parts mean the power of marketing automation can be applied in an unlimited number of ways. Below are some of the most popular uses.


Identify and reach new customers on autopilot, saving countless hours of searching for the next person to approach. We’ll do it whilst you sleep or spend time on hot leads.


Capture, score, and nurture leads on autopilot 24 hours per day, across multiple channels. Feed them directly to your CRM or sales team to close when they’re at their hottest.


Develop relationships and nurture opportunities, with human appearing interactions across all the channels and devices that your customers love.


Build a 360° profile on your customers, enriching existing data, finding new contact details, and building an intelligence picture that enables you easily close your leads. 


Recapture lost opportunities and remind them why your solution is the best fit for their needs. Use intelligent behavioural processes that grab them at the right time.


Delight your customers and leverage the power of social proof, collecting reviews and testimonials as well as gaining valuable insight into customer attitudes & satisfaction.

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The Key Facts

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Benefits to Your Business

A quick recap of the key features & benefits of marketing automation.

Run complex workflows
Automate repetitive daily marketing tasks
Link different marketing channels and assets together
Run on autopilot around the clock

Get deeper insight into customers
Less time on tedious tasks – more time on important ones
Scale business and profits faster
Removes reliance on manual tasks & errors

Can be used to enrich your CRMs existing data
Great way to support sales team and close leads
Automate the development of customer relationships
Key for growth


We pay very clever boffins good money to develop ways for your different marketing assets to talk to each other, using something called an API. It’s essentially a way for different platforms to talk in a way that they each understand and perform the tasks we want them to, when we want them to.

An integration is just another way of saying that two or more platforms can and are working together to do what we want them to do.

Behavioural email is when we contact a prospect or lead based on an event or action they have taken. We can track their behaviour and gauge their intent, with us then matching that intent with something that satisfies and wow them. For example, we may track what content they view on your website and how often they have viewed it and then follow up with an email that further satisfies their need.

Retargeting and remarketing are phrases often used interchangeably. It is essentially a way to identify, track and reengage lost opportunities. It may be by sending an email to those who abandon a shopping cart, or it could be delivering adverts to people who visit specific pages on your website but didn’t sign up for a demonstration. 

Marketing automation is not only important for businesses wanting to scale and grow, it is essential. We work with growth-hungry businesses across multiple industries to automate their marketing and grow their profits.

It is completely compliant with GDPR as well as English, Welsh and Scottish law. We are registered with the ICO and adhere to all the necessary regulations. Many of our clients are FCA regulated and therefore we work with compliance professionals to ensure we adhere to the strict rules and guidelines.

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This service is one of our flagship offerings, and therefore we are understandably quite protective of it. That being said, we are open to conversations with responsible agencies who can prove they have the same ethos and values as our own. We have the ability to offer a white label solution in these circumstances, and can assist in the creation of campaigns. 

We can make your marketing channels talk with most CRMs through the use of APIs. We can feed it valuable information that allows your sales team to tailor their conversations and close deals.

Undoubtedly some people will guess it is automated, but they’ll never really know. We believe the best automations mimic human behaviour, and therefore we make them as realistic as possible. Most people that can tell something is automated understand that this is the way businesses provide value to their customers and keep their costs low, and therefore don’t mind.

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Marketing Automation For Innovation

Automation is an essential part of your innovation and growth strategy. If you want to scale your business and profits, marketing automation is key. You don’t have to worry about sick days, paying by the hour or training, our team of magical marketing robots are the secret sauce to your business’s growth.

Our three-year plan identified personalisation, conversation, and automation as the key three areas that will give us and our clients a competitive edge. Marketing automation is the catalyst for growth that your business needs. It’s what greases the wheels and keeps your business moving forward whilst your competitors sleep.

Who Is Marketing Automation For?

Marketing automation is for any business looking to scale and grow their business, increase their margins and futureproof against workforce shutdown. We’ve made it work across most industries, but that being said there’s a few worth noting…

Gina McLoughney
Director, Burton Recruitment

Marketing Automation Success

Specialising in all aspects of commercial recruitment in a permanent and temporary capacity, Burton Recruitment are a market leading recruitment provider.

Invoke Media identified opportunities to automate parts of their marketing efforts and streamlined processes that saved hours of work every week. The end result culminating in an integrated marketing campaign that leverages personalisation and automation and delivers sales qualified leads on autopilot.

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