When it comes to marketing for recruitment agencies, strategies largely focus on two key areas…Winning clients and finding new candidates.

It’s no secret that there are similarities in the process between sales and recruitment, but more recruitment agencies are understanding the power of marketing to attract new candidates and win more clients.


You’re likely doing marketing anyway without even realising, we’ll help you do it better.

Sending emails to your candidate database? Are you sending it to the most relevant people, at the time they’re most likely to open, with the messaging most likely to make them respond?

You’re probably doing marketing in some form, you just need the experts to take it from ‘okay’ to ‘great’.


More effective use of resources will decrease your costs and increase your profit margin, it’s a simple equation.

Qualify leads on autopilot and build up a detailed intelligence picture of prospective clients before you speak to them.

Minimise time bashing the phones and spend more time on the candidates and clients that matter.


The candidates of today discover employment opportunities the same way they find a restaurant or a new pair of shoes – online, at a time that suits them and on the channels and devices that they love.

Considering the similarities between candidate and consumer behaviour, the potential power of marketing and recruitment combined is epic.

It’s all about delivering the right messaging, to a relevant audience, on the correct channels to develop relationships and move candidates through the marketing funnel.


Specialising in all aspects of commercial recruitment, Burton Recruitment approached Invoke Media to help them connect and close more clients using digital marketing. Adopting a proactive approach to LinkedIn and email marketing, Invoke were able to launch a highly successful campaign to target high-value decision-makers in their target industries. 


Utilising paid social advertisements, messenger marketing and email marketing, we’ve successfully managed to generate CH Recruitment a flow of candidates for positions in the care industry and open the door to care providers who require high-quality staff. Find out how we helped a care provider turn from operation provider to care recruitment behemoth for the 21st century.

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