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Customers are the lifeblood of your business, but undoubtedly you will experience customer churn – as people enter and leave the target audience, circumstances change or they become disengaged.

Regardless of how well you’re doing right now, you need to win new customers to account for the loss of old ones, market changes, or even major international events outside of your control (sound familiar?)

We know how to put your business in front of the right people, communicate your proposition, and turn them into customers.


Your existing customer base is a treasure trove of opportunity.

Reengage customers to maximise your return, increase the frequency of purchase, and build a base of loyal brand advocates that shout about your business from the rooftops.


We’ll work with you in a collaborative approach to make sure we get to understand your business and customers, and ensure that you have an active role in the development of your marketing strategy.

It’s important that we all understand and believe in the plan in place, the best way to do that is for us all to be involved.

We’ll work with you as much or little as you like to devise your marketing strategy and make sure everyone knows who is supposed to be doing what.


As a small business you need to remain agile. Situations and objectives change and survival is dependent on the ability to adapt and be dynamic.

We don’t believe in long tie ins or restrictive agreements. We’ll be flexible, because we get it…we’re a small business too.


Located in a beautiful Victorian mill, Cotton Court Business Centre acts as a bastion of local business support. Providing a suite of virtual services alongside office & desk space, it supports hundreds of businesses on their journey to growth.

Cotton Court Business Centre needed to partner with a marketing agency that shared its ethos of supporting small, local businesses and engaged Invoke Media to help. Invoke Media works in a collaborative approach with the in-house team to successfully market the business centre and provide marketing support to its clients.


A local institution and family favourite, Pinnochio’s Italian restaurant is set in a beautiful building with a history spanning back to the English Civil War. Purveyors of great food, fine wine and exquisite service, they needed to partner with a marketing agency that could maintain an online reputation that matched its offline efforts.

Pinocchio’s engaged Invoke Media to manage its online reputation and drive online engagement that puts real bums on seats.

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