A Warm Welcome

After checking out all the competition and weighing up your options, you’ve finally arrived at a decision and realised we’re a great fit. Sit back, take a breath…and let the real work begin.

The onboarding process is crucial to getting your project off the ground and enables us to get it right the first time. It’s where we set expectations, lay down the boundaries, and put down the foundations of your successful marketing campaigns.

1. The Enquiry Phase

Initial Enquiry
You make your initial enquiry either on the phone, through the website, or over email.

Discovery Call
We book a discovery call at a convenient time, finding out about your business, customers, and objectives.

We’ll sign and send a non-disclosure agreement, to give us both a layer of protection and reassurance.

Outline Ideas
We’ll provide a basic working document that outlines our initial ideas and expected price range.

2. The Agreement Phase

Client Questionnaire
You’ll fill in a short online questionnaire, or speak with one of our team so that we can get a deeper insight into your business and more importantly, your customers.

Proposal & Follow Up Call
We’ll submit a full proposal, including our suggested approach to your marketing success, specific pricing, and scope of services provided. We’ll arrange a quick follow up call to get feedback on the proposal, amend it if necessary, and discuss the next steps.


We’ll sign and send an agreement electronically. It will outline exactly what we’ll do and when, as well as what we’ll require from you.

3. The Execution Phase

Account Manager Set
We’ll allocate the most appropriate account manager to your business and formally introduce you (if you haven’t spoken already).

Information Request
We’ll establish all the information and assets we need (like logos and images) and submit a request to you. If you can’t provide them, we’ll get to work on creating them (additional costs may be incurred).

Project Planned & Started
We’ll get the full team involved in creating ideas and the planning of your project. We’ll map out every step from start-to-finish and load it into our project management software.

Campaign Launched
Your campaigns go live! We pop a bottle of something fizzy and start to see the results come in.

4. Ongoing

We’ll continuously monitor and optimise your campaigns to ensure we get the best results and the lowest cost.

Account Manager Check-Ins
Communication is key! Your account manager will check in regularly to get feedback that will enable us to develop and better the work we do for you.

Monthly Reporting 
Unless otherwise agreed, we’ll provide you with a monthly marketing report and check-in to make sure you have understood and digested its contents, as well as discuss the plan for the coming month.

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